Uneven Wall Thickness of Steel Pipes: Factors and Measures

By Durlmark Industrial | Jul 30,2017

The uneven wall thickness of steel pipes is mainly represented as uneven spirally wall thickness, uneven straight wall thickness and the ends are too thick or too thin, even the grinding technique is one of the important factors.

The Connection Technology of Fire Pipeline

By Durlmark Industrial | Jul 30,2017

The main points of detailed connection technology of fire pipeline are as follows:

Cleaning Problems of Carbon Steel Flanges

By Durlmark Industrial | Jul 30,2017

After quenching the fasteners, use silicate to clean and rinse them. If there were some solid matter on the surface, and found to be iron oxide and inorganic silicate by infrared spectroscopy

Prevention Measures for Water and Steam Leakage of Valve

By Durlmark Industrial | Jul 30,2017

To solve the problem of valve water and steam leakage, we need to know why it happens. We need to make sure to seal the valve well, so that it can maintain air tightness.

Difference between ERW Pipes, SSAW Pipes and LSAW Pipes

By Durlmark Industrial | Jul 29,2017

Seamless steel pipes are mainly used in oil pipeline and gas pipeline, but seldom used in oil pipelines with long-distance.Most long distance pipeline applied ERW pipes, SSAW pipes and LSAW pipes.

How to Choose Heat-preservation Pipe Fittings

By Durlmark Industrial | Jul 28,2017

Durlmark Industrial Inc. learn that the pipe for water supply almost is iron pipe.Sand mold cast iron pipes are mainly used outdoor; Galvanized iron pipes are used indoor and they can be divided into cold (electric) galvanized and hot dip galvanized.

The Installation of Different Valves

By Durlmark Industrial | Jul 28,2017

As the many kinds of valve have become more and more commonly used in industrial area, Honest Industrial think it is necessary to make illustration about the installation of different valves.

How to Prolong the Service Life of Large Flange

By Durlmark Industrial | Jul 28,2017

There are many factors for the service life of large flange.Due to the high viscosity of the flange material and poor chip breaking performance

Problems about Surface Treatment for Stainless Steel Pipes

By Durlmark Industrial | Jul 26,2017

Generally, in terms of the surface treatment for stainless steel pipes, manufacturers have three methods, blenching treatment, polishing treatment and coloring treatment.

Four Types of Welded Steel Pipe

By Durlmark Industrial | Jul 26,2017

As the development of pipe industry, pipe and pipe fittings, including pipe coupling, pipe tee, pipe elbow are more and more widely use in industrial area.