How to Choose Heat-preservation Pipe Fittings

Durlmark Industrial Inc. learn that the pipe for water supply almost is iron pipe.Sand mold cast iron pipes are mainly used outdoor; Galvanized iron pipes are used indoor and they can be divided into cold (electric) galvanized and hot dip galvanized. So when choosing thermal insulation pipe fittings, what should people pay attention to? Steps are as follows: 

China has rules since June 1, 2000: Screen sand die forging pipe and cold galvanized iron pipes. Gradually limit hot plating cast iron pipe in use. Promote the use of aluminous model multiple tube, plastic tube, etc. Therefore, there are three main categories: the first kind is metal pipe, such as inner lining plastic heat plating cast iron pipe, steel pipe, stainless steel tube, etc. The second category is plastic composite metal tube, such as plastic compound pipe, aluminum-plastic composite tube, etc. The third kind is plastic pipe, such as PP - R (cross linked polypropylene, high density reticular engineering plastics. )

China also introduces those rules involving pipe and pipe fittings for drinking water, must have the approval documents of the cleaning department before sales. 

Brief introductions of several kinds of thermal insulation pipe: 

1. Aluminum-plastic composite pipe 
Aluminum-plastic composite pipe is the earliest alternate insulation pipe fitting of cast iron pipe. Its basic composition should be five layers, namely, by inside and outside: the plastic, hot melt adhesive, aluminum alloy, heat melt glue, plastic. 

Aluminum-plastic composite pipe has good heat-preservation function, both inside and outside wall are not easy to be corroded. Due to its internal lubrication, the fluid resistance is small; And because of random bending, device construction is convenient. As thermal insulation pipe, Aluminum-plastic composite pipe has met the strength, but if it bear too big lateral force, can affect the strength. So it is appropriate for exposed pipe construction or burying in the wall, but should not be buried into ground. The cohesion of aluminum-plastic composite pipe is bushing connector. Thus, firstly, it should be ensured that the construction goes through strict test of pressure, checking if the connection is strong. Secondly, it should avoid oscillation or loosing card. Thirdly, the length direction should make enough room for installing device, avoiding be pulled off. 

2. Plastic compound copper tube 
Plastic compound copper tube uses pure copper as fittings (copper), coated with PE plastic. In terms of its comprehensive functions, plastic compound copper tube is slightly better than that of aluminum-plastic composite pipe. Such as better strength, longer serve life, prior heat-resisting function. However, heat-preservation function is slightly inferior. 

Pure copper have high corrosion resistance. After using a period of time, the appearance will present a layer of green oxide, but this make little difference for the life of pipe, flow, and the resistance to flow. Patina is not harmful for human body, and has the ability of killing bacteria. 

Installing methods of plastic compound copper tube can be classified into two categories: card sets and welding, and welding is more secure. 

Copper pipe, stainless steel pipe: 
In addition to poor heat preservation function, other indicators of this kind of tube are excellent, For example, its strength and stature that against fluid resistance are good and it is appropriate for cold water pipeline. If used for hot water transport, it needs insulation sheath. Joined method is given priority to card sets. Copper pipe also can be welded. 

Inside lining plastic galvanized iron pipe: 
Inside lining plastic galvanized iron pipe is lining a layer of plastic in general galvanized pipe wall, making it has corrosion resistant, small resistance, good thermal insulation function, as well as the characteristics of high strength galvanized pipe itself. This kind of rib mostly adopts threaded connection.

Plastic pipe:
Plastic pipe can be chosen as long as it agrees with specification requirements, meeting the strength, span of life, safe and clean. It is the best of the all the heat-preservation pipe. Plastic pipe adopts hot melt welding, with high solid degree. If the construction is accurate, the normal pipe welding place that through pressure test, will not present leakage or drops. 

How to Choose Heat-preservation Pipe Fittings