The Installation of Different Valves

As the many kinds of valve have become more and more commonly used in industrial area, Honest Industrial think it is necessary to make illustration about the installation of different valves.

1. The installation of pressure reducing valve: the valve should be installed in horizontal pipe vertically to keep the consistency between medium direction and the array direction in the valve body. Both ends should be set cut-off valve, especially flange globe valve. Generally the valve diameter before the pressure reducing valve should be the same as the nominal diameter of the pressure reducing valve and the pressure reducing valve pipe diameter should be 1-2 larger than the nominal diameter of the pressure reducing valve. Pressure gauge should be installed before and after the valve group in order to adjust the pressure. Safety valve should be installed in low pressure relief pipe after the pressure reducing valve. When it is overpressure, the valve can give alarm to guarantee the stability of pressure. The relief valve pipe should be connected to the outside. Pressure reducing valve should be set by pass line.

2. The installation compensator: the installation of compensator is just like the installation of piping and fittings of indoor heating system.

3. The installation of vent valve: the hot water pipe network also needs vent and water draining equipment. Exhaust point should be applied in high point in the network. General exhaust valve may choose 15 to 25mm diameter. Water equipment is set in the low point of the network device and the drain valve generally chooses 110mm diameter (it should be more than 20mm).

4. Dirt separator installation: heat medium should be particularly set into the tube plate hole net. Dirt separator is generally connected to the main pipe with flange in order to be maintained. When installing, you should set up a special bracket, which do not interfere with the drainage. At the same time, you should pay attention to the direction of flow. The direction of flow and dirt separator should be the same.