Butterfly Valves

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As a member to cut off or regulate flow on pipeline system, center line butterfly valve has already been widely applied in petroleum, chemical engineering, metallurgy and hydropower. The structural feature of center line butterfly valve is that axis of valve rod, center of disc and center of body are in the same position. The butterfly valve has simple structure and convenient for manufacturing. Based on structural styles, center line butterfly valve can be classified into offset butterfly valve, perpendicular butterfly valve, skew butterfly valve and lever butterfly valve. Read more about Center Line Butterfly Valves

Eccentric Butterfly Valves View All

The connection between upper and lower valve shaft and butterfly valve uses heterogeneous blind hole and deformed shaft. During on-off, floating no-pin connection, reducing interference region between disc and seat and decreasing torque greatly. The floating structure of disc realizes manufacturing techniques and using functions of eccentricity. According to the structure, eccentric butterfly valve can be classified into single-eccentric butterfly valve, double eccentric butterfly valve, tri-eccentric butterfly valve and variable eccentric butterfly valve. Read more about Eccentric Butterfly Valves

Hydraulic Butterfly Valves View All

Hydraulic butterfly valve refers to that the butterfly valve is driven by hydraulic actuator. Hydraulic butterfly valve is designed to save time for technician working on the hydraulic system without draining the reservoir. The valve can be installed into the pump suction line or directly mounted on to the hydraulic reservoir. When equipped with a limit switch, the operator can remotely see the status of the valve. Also, the thin profile and flange makes it easy to design into the hydraulic circuit. Read more about Hydraulic Butterfly Valves