Center Line Butterfly Valves

As a member to cut off or regulate flow on pipeline system, center line butterfly valve has already been widely applied in petroleum, chemical engineering, metallurgy and hydropower.The structural feature of center line butterfly valve is that axis of valve rod, center of disc and center of body are in the same position. The butterfly valve has simple structure and convenient for manufacturing. Based on structural styles, center line butterfly valve can be classified into offset butterfly valve, perpendicular butterfly valve, skew butterfly valve and lever butterfly valve.

Based on sealing types, center line butterfly valve is classified into soft sealing butterfly valve (rubber sealing ring) and hard sealing butterfly valve (metal sealing ring).

Durlmark provides center line butterfly valve having different dimensions:ductile cast iron/stainless steel/aluminum bronze, API/EN/DIN, 4 inch/60 inch/DN80, 600LB, flanged/welded/butt-welded .

Other dimensions also can be provides. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us:

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  1. 4 Inch 150LB GGG40 Wafer Pneumatic Butterfly Valves,CF8 Disc

    Model No.: DM-Butterfly-Valves-94
    China Wafer Butterfly Valve Manufacturer: GGG40 Wafer Butterfly Valve, 150LB(PN16), 4 Inch(DN100), CF8 Disc, EPDM Seat, Pneumatic Actuator, SS410 Shaft.
  2. 3 Inch 150LB GGG40 Ductile Iron Butterfly Valves,SS304 Disc,EPDM Seat

    Model No.: DM-Butterfly-Valves-95
    China Ductile Iron Butterfly Valve Manufacturer: GGG40 Ductile Iron Butterfly Valve, DN80, PN16, SS304 Disc, EPDM seat, Electrostatic Coating.
  3. 12 Inch 150LB Lug Butterfly Valves,ASTM B148 Alloy 95800,FF Ends

    Model No.: DM-Butterfly-Valves-96
    China ASTM B148 Lug Butterfly Valve Manufacturer: B148 Alloy 95800 Lug Butterfly Valve, ASTM B148 Alloy 95800 Body & Disc, DN300, PN20, SS316 Stem, FF Ends.
  4. 4 Inch 150LB Grey Cast Iron Butterfly Valves,SS416 Stem,Lever Operated

    Model No.: DM-Butterfly-Valves-97
    China Butterfly Valve manufacturer: Grey Cast Iron Butterfly Valve, 4 Inch (DN100), 150 LB (PN16), SS416 Stem, Epoxy Coated, Lever Operated.
  5. 4 Inch 150LB ASTM A351 CF8 Butterfly Valves,Double Flanged Ends

    Model No.: DM-Butterfly-Valves-98
    China Double Flange Butterfly Valve Manufacturer: ASTM A351 CF8 Butterfly Valve, Double Flanged Ends, 4 Inch (PN 20), CL150 (DN 300), 125mm Length.
  6. 108 Inch 150LB Ductile Iron Double Eccentric Butterfly Valves

    Model No.: DM-Butterfly-Valves-99
    China Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Manufacturer: Ductile Iron Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve, DN2740, PN20, AWWA C504, Flanged Ends.
  7. 12 Inch 150LB Cast Iron Wafer Butterfly Valves,CF8 Disc,EPDM Steat

    Model No.: DM-Butterfly-Valves-103
    China Cast Iron Butterfly Valve: Cast Iron Wafer Butterfly Valve, CF8 Disc, SS304 Shaft, EPDM Steat, CL150 (150 LB, PN20), 12IN (12 Inch, DN300).
  8. 18 Inch 150LB ASTM A351 CF8 Butterfly Valves,PTFE Seat,Pneumatic

    Model No.: DM-Butterfly-Valves-104
    China ASTM A351 Butterfly Valve Manufacturer: ASTM A351 CF8 Butterfly Valve Body & Disc, PTFE Seat, Wafer Connection, 150 LB, 18 Inch, Pneumatic Actuator.
  9. 4 Inch 300LB Lugged Butterfly Valves,Ductile Cast Iron,EPDM Seat

    Model No.: DM-Butterfly-Valves-105
    China Lugged Butterfly Valve Manufacturer: Lugged Butterfly Valve,Body Ductile Cast Iron,Cast Iron Disc,SS416 Stem,4 Inch,300LB,EPDM Seat,Gear Operate.
  10. 3 Inch 600LB Wafer Butterfly Valves,WCB,API 609

    Model No.: DM-Butterfly-Valves-106
    China Wafer Butterfly Valve Manufacturer: Wafer Butterfly Valve, CS Valve, API 609 Standard, WCB, DN80 (3 Inch), 600LB, Blue Painting Treatment.
  11. 4 Inch 150LB Ductile Iron Butterfly Valves,WCB Disc,PTFE Seat

    Model No.: DM-Butterfly-Valves-107
    China Ductile Iron Butterfly Valve Manufacturer: Ductile Iron Butterfly Valves, Lug Type, 4 Inch, 150 LB, SS316 Shaft, Full PTFE Lined, WCB+PTFE Disc.
  12. 2 Inch 150LB Ductile Iron Wafer Butterfly Valves,SS316 Disc,PTFE Seat

    Model No.: DM-Butterfly-Valves-108
    China Split Wafer Butterfly Valve: SS316 Disc Centerline Butterfly Valves, PN16, Lever Operated, Wafer Type, DN50, PTFE Seat, Ductile Iron.

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