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Durlmark Valve Factory
Our Valve Factory in Wenzhou 

About Our Valve Factory

Profile : Total area of 20000 Square Meters (215277 Square Feet) Built in 1985
Staff Details : 
 Production Staff of 230 employees.
QC Staff of 25 employees.
R&D Staff of 10 employees.
Durlmark Valve workshop
Our Workshop of Valves

About Our Facility of Valves

The valves factory is located in WenZhou, ZheJiang Province, China - the national center for industrial valve production. Wenzhou is a scenic, traditional Chinese city with great cultural and historical significance. It also benefits from an abundance of raw materials and other factors of production. Our factory supplies industrial valves for international clients.
Durlmark Warehouse of Pipe Fittings
Our Warehouse of Fittings

About Our Facility of Fittings

Our pipe fittings factory is located in YingKou, LiaoNing Province, China. We call it as the "Hometown" of pipe fittings. We can supply full range sizes of fittings with different thickness and materials, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy Steel, etc.