Lap Joint Flange

A lap joint flange is very similar to a slip-on flange, with the main difference being that it has a curved radius at the bore and face to house a lap joint stub-end. Lap joint flanges and stub-end assemblies are typically used in situations where requires frequent dismantling for examination.

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  1. ANSI B16.5 Lapped Joint Flanges,ASTM A182,Class 150-2500,DN25

    Model No.: DM-LJ-Flange-25
    China ASTM A182 Lapped Joint Flange Manufacturer offers ASTM A182 F304 Lapped Joint Flange, DN25, ANSI B16.5, without surface treatment.
  2. ANSI B16.5 RF Carbon Steel Lap Joint Flanges,ASTM A105,Class 600,1/2-24 Inch

    Model No.: DM-LJ-Flange-26
    China Carbon Steel Lap Joint Flange: ASTM A105 F304L, F316L Carbon Steel Lap Joint Flanges, Stub End, RF, ANSI B16.5, 600#, DN15-600, Anti-Rust Black.
  3. ANSI B16.5 CS Lap Joint Flanges,ASTM A105,Class 150-600,1/2-24 Inch

    Model No.: DM-LJ-Flange-27
    China Lap Joint Flange Manufacturer Offers Carbon Steel Lap Joint Flanges (LJ Flanges) in ASTM A105, Black Coated, Class 150-600 (PN20-PN100).

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