Parallel Gate Valves

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  1. Solid Parallel Faced Gate Valves,Wafer End,Floating Seats with PTFE Inserts

    Model No.: DM-Gate-Valves-255
    China Parallel Faced Gate Valve: Solid Wedge Gate Valves, ANSI B16.10, API 598, Wafer End, Automatic Operator, Floating Seats with PTFE Inserts, BB.
  2. 1/2-36 Inch Parallel Gate Valves,Stainless Steel Body

    Model No.: DM-Gate-Valves-256
    China Stainless Steel Gate Valve Supplier: Parallel Gate Valves, Stainless Steel Body, API, ANSI, BS, DIN, and JIS Standards, 1/2-36 Inch (DN15-900).
  3. 1/2-36 Inch API Parallel Slide Gate Valves,Butt-Welded

    Model No.: DM-Gate-Valves-257
    China API Parallel Slide Gate Valve: Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel Parallel Gate Valves, 1/2-36 Inch, 150LB-600LB, Flanged, Butt-welded.
  4. 2-24 Inch Double Disc Parallel Slide Gate Valves,BB,OS&Y,BW Ends

    Model No.: DM-Gate-Valves-258
    China Parallel Slide Gate Valve: API 600, ANSI B16.34 Parallel Slide Gate Valves, OS&Y, Bolted Bonnet, 600-1500LB, Size 2-24 Inch (50-600mm), BW Ends.

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