Pipe Joint

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  1. 6 Inch 120LB ASTM A105 Metal Joint,Electrostatic Spraying

     Model No.: DM-Joint-287 
    ASTM A105 Metal Joint Manufacturer in China: ASTM A105 Metal Joint, Size 6IN, Pressure CL120, Electrostatic Spraying Surface Treatment.
  2. 14 Inch ASTM A105 Bellows Expansion Joint,SS 321,Length 420mm

    Model No.: DM-Joint-288
    China Bellows Expansion Joint Manufacturer  offers ASTM A105 Bellows Expansion Joint, 14Inch, SS 321, Length 420mm, for high temperature & pressure piping system.
  3. 4 Inch 300LB Seamless Isolating Joint,SCH 40,Butt Welded Ends

    Model No.: DM-Joint-289
    China SeamlessIsolating Joint: SMLSIsolating Joints, Butt Welded Ends, ASME B31.4, API 5L GR.B, 4 Inch (DN100), Pressure 300LB (PN50), Schedule 40.
  4. 4 Inch 150LB Carbon Steel Q235 Flexible Joint,Flanged RF

    Model No.: DM-Joint-290
    China Carbon Steel Flexible Joint: Carbon Steel Flexible Joints, DN100, 4 Inch, Flanged RF Ends, One Side End Fixed, Carbon Steel Q235, 150LB (PN20).
  5. 16 Inch 150LB Flexible Joint,Rubber Joints with Carbon Steel Flanges

    Model No.: DM-Joint-291
    China Flexible Joint Manufacturer: Flexible Joints, Rubber Joints with Carbon Steel Flanges, DN400 (16 Inch), PN16, Customized Orders Accepted.
  6. 3 Inch Ductile Iron Pipeline Flange Adaptor,ASTM A536,Orange Painting

    Model No.: DM-Joint-292
    China ASTM A536 Flange Adaptor: Ductile Iron Pipeline Flange Adaptors, ASTM A536 Grade 65-45-12 Material, 3 Inch (DN80) Size, Orange Painting.
  7. 28 Inch 150LB Flange Adaptors with Ductile Iron,Epoxy Coating

    Model No.: DM-Joint-293
    China Flange Adaptor Manufacturer: Pipeline Flange Adaptors with Ductile Iron, PN16 Pressure, DN700 (28 Inch) Size, Epoxy Coating Treatment.
  8. 2-80 Inch 300LB Dismantling Joints with Ductile Iron,Epoxy Coating

    Model No.: DM-Joint-294
    China Dismantling Joint: Dismantling Joints, Ductile Iron, Epoxy Coating or Bitumen Painting, DN50-DN2000 (2-80 Inch) Sizes, PN10, PN16 and PN25.
  9. 12 Inch 600 PSIG Bellow Expansion Joint,SS321 Bellow,Carbon Steel Flange

    Model No.: DM-Joint-295
    China Bellow Expansion Joint: Bellow Expansion Joints, ANSI B16.5 Standard, Pressure 600 PSIG, Flanged Ends, SS321 Bellow, Carbon Steel Flange.
  10. 8 Inch 150LB Epoxy Dismantling Joint,Ductile Iron,Carbon Steel Flange

    Model No.: DM-Joint-296
    China Epoxy Dismantling Joint: Epoxy Dismantling Joints, Ductile Iron, Carbon Steel Flange, SS304 Bolts & Nuts, Pressure PN16, Size DN200 (8 Inch).
  11. 12 Inch 150LB Expansion Joints with Flanged Ends,Carbon Steel,Ductile Iron

    Model No.: DM-Joint-297
    China Expansion Joint Manufacturer: Expansion Joints with Flanged Ends, Carbon Steel, Ductile Iron, Size 12 Inch (DN300), Class Rating 150LB (PN20).
  12. 8 Inch 400LB Multi-bellow Expansion Joint,Carbon Steel Flange,SS304 Bellow

    Model No.: DM-Joint-299
    China Multi-bellow Expansion Joint: Flanged Multi-bellow Expansion Joints, Carbon Steel Flange, SS304 Bellow, Size DN200 (8 Inch), PN64 (400LB).

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