Pipe Olet

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  1. MSS-SP-97 Weldolet, ASTM A105, DN25 X DN100, 4.55mm, Butt Weld

    Model No.: LPF 17 PO 14
    MSS-SP-97 Weldolet Factory in China: MSS-SP-97 Weldolet, Material ASTM A105, Size DN25 X DN100, THK 4.55mm, BW Ends.
  2. MSS-SP-97 Weldolet, ASTM A105, 6IN X 2IN, SCH 40, Butt Welded

    Model No.: LPF 17 PO 13
    MSS-SP-97 Weldolet Supplier in China: MSS-SP-97 Weldolet, ASTM A105, Size 6IN X 2IN, Wall Thickness SCH 40, Butt Welded Ends.
  3. ASTM A182 F11 Sockolet, MSS-SP-97, 8IN X 2IN, CL3000, SW

    Model No.: LPF 14 PO 12
    ASTM A182 F11 Sockolet Manufacturer in China: ASTM A182 F11 Sockolet, ASTM A182 F11, MSS-SP-97, Size 8IN X 2IN, Pressure CL3000, SW Ends.
  4. ASTM A105 Weld Olet, MSS-SP-97, SCH 40, 6 X 2IN

    Model No.: LPF 14 PO 11
    ASTM A105 Weld Olet Manufacturer in China: ASTM A105 Weld Olet, MSS-SP-97, Size 6 X 2IN, Wall Thickness SCH 40
  5. ASTM A105 Thredolet, 3000LB, MSS SP-97, FNPT Ends

    Model No.: LD 16 TO 01
    China ASTM A105 Thredolet Manufacturer offers ASTM A105 Thredolet, 3000LB, Standard MSS SP-97, Size 1-1/2" Run Pipe 36" To 26", FNPT Ends.
  6. ASTM A105 Pipe Sockolet, 6000 LB, 1 Inch

    Model No.: LD 15 SO 01
    China ASTM A105 Sockolet Supplier Offers ASTM A105 Pipe Sockolet, Socket Welded Ends, Forged Sockelet, Class 6000, 1 Inch R36-12, MSS SP 97 Standard.
  7. ASTM A105N Sockolet, SW, 3000 LB, 3/4IN x 4IN

    Model No.: LPF 14 PO 12
    China ASTM A105N Sockolet Manufacturer Offers ASTM A105N Sockolets, Pressure 3000, Socket Welded Ends, 3/4 Inch x 4 Inch Size, MSS-SP-97
  8. Nipolet, Forged ASTM A105, 12 Inch, SCH 160

    Model No.: LPF 14 PO 11
    China Nipolet Manufacturer: Pipe Nipolets, Forged ASTM A105, 12 x 1/2 Inch (DN300 x DN15) Size, Schedule 160 Wall Thickness, Butt Weld Ends.
  9. PE Weldolet, 12 Inch, ASTM A106, SCH 40

    Model No.: LPF 14 PO 10
    China PE Weldolet Manufacturer: Plain End Weldolets, Size 12 Inch x 12 Inch (DN300 x DN300), ASTM A106 Grade B, Schedule 40, MSS SP 97 Standard.
  10. ASTM A350 LF2 Weldolet, LTCS, MSS-SP-97

    Model No.: LPF 14 PO 09
    China ASTM A350 LF2 Weldolet: ASTM A350 LF2 Weldolets, LTCS, MSS-SP-97, 12 X 1 Inch (DN300 X DN25), Pressure Schedule 20 X 160, BW (Butt Welded Ends).
  11. Butt Welded Weldolet, SCH XS, 24 X 3 Inch

    Model No.: LPF 14 PO 08
    China Butt Welded Weldolet Manufacturer: Butt Welded Weldolets, Wall Thickness Schedule XS, Size 24 X 3 Inch, MSS-SP-97 Standard, ASTM A105 Material.
  12. Weldolet, ASTM A106 GR B, PE, Schedule 40

    Model No.: LPF 14 PO 07
    China Weldolet Manufacturer: Pipe Fitting Weldolets, ASTM A106 Grade B, Plain Ends, Schedule 40, Size 16 Inch x 18 Inch, MSS-SP-97 Standard.

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