Pipe Tee

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  1. 1/2-56 Inch Stainless Steel Pipe Equal Tees,SS316,SS304

    Model No.: DM-Tee-226
    China Stainless Steel Equal Tee: Pipe Equal Tees, Stainless Steel SS316, SS304, 1/2-56 Inch (DN15-DN1400), SCH 5-SCH 160, ANSI, ISO, JIS and DIN.
  2. 36 Inch ASTM A234 WPB Welded Equal Tees

    Model No.: DM-Tee-227
    China Welded Equal Tee Manufacturer: Welded Equal Tees, ASME B16.9, ANSI B16.9, 36 Inch (DN900) Size, 1.5 Inch Wall Thickness, ASTM A234 WPB.
  3. 8 X 8 Inch ASTM A234 WPB Pipeline Tees,SCH 120

    Model No.: DM-Tee-228
    China ASTM A234 WPB Tee Manufacturer: ASTM A234 WPB Tees, Wall Thickness Schedule 120, 8 X 8 Inch (DN200 X DN200), ASME B16.9 and ANSI B16.9 Standard.
  4. 1/2-56 Inch ASTM A105 Carbon Steel Tees,Equal,Reducing,SCH 5-160

    Model No.: DM-Tee-229
    China Carbon Steel Tee: Carbon Steel ASTM A105 Tees, Equal Tees, Reducing Tees, 1/2-56 Inch (DN15-DN1400), Class 3000, 6000 and 9000, SCH 5-SCH 160.
  5. 1/2-48 Inch Stainless Steel Pipe Tees,SCH 10-160,Butt Welded Ends

    Model No.: DM-Tee-230
    China Seamless Tee: Seamless Tees, Stainless Steel SS304, SS312, JIS B2311, JIS B2312, 1/2-48 Inch (DN15-DN1200), Schedule 10-160, Butt Welded Ends.
  6. 18 Inch ASTM A403 Stainless Steel Equal Tees,SCH 10S,Bevelled Ends

    Model No.: DM-Tee-231
    China Equal Tee Manufacturer: Equal Tees, Bevelled End, Stainless Steel, ASTM A403 WP304L, Size 18 Inch (DN450), Schedule 10S, ANSI B16.9 Standard.
  7. 24 Inch Class 150 3 Layer Polyethylene Coating Equal Tees,SCH STD,Weld Flanged Ends

    Model No.: DM-Tee-232
    China 3LPE Equal Tee: Flanged Equal Tees, 3 Layer Polyethylene Coating, ANSI B16.5, ANSI B16.9, Schedule STD, 24 Inch (DN600), ASTM A234 WPB.
  8. 1/2-80 Inch Stainless Steel Barred Tees,SCH 5-XXS,Butt Welded Ends

    Model No.: DM-Tee-233
    China Barred Tee: Butt Welded Barred Tees, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, MSS-SP-75, ASTM A420 WPL1, WPL3, WPL6, Schedule 5-XXS, DN15-DN2000.
  9. 1/2-72 Inch Duplex Steel Equal Tees,SCH 5-160

    Model No.: DM-Tee-234
    China Duplex Steel Equal Tee: Duplex Steel Equal Tees, ASTM A815 UNS S31803, UNS S32750, UNS S32760, MSS SP-43, MSS SP-75, 1/2-72 Inch, SCH 5-160.
  10. 3 X 2 Inch ASTM A403 WP316L Reducing Tees,SCH 80,Butt Weld Ends

    Model No.: DM-Tee-235
    China Reducing Tee Manufacturer: Seamless Reducing Tees, ASTM A403 WP316L, 3 Inch X 2 Inch, WT Schedule 80, Butt Welded, ANSI B16.9, AMSE B16.9.
  11. 8 X 6 inch ASTM A234 WPB Galvanized Seamless Tees,SCH 40

    Model No.: DM-tee-236
    China Galvanized Seamless Tee Manufacturer: ASTM A234 WPB Seamless Tees, Galvanized Surface, 8 X 6 Inch, Schedule 40, ASME B16.9, ANSI B16.9.
  12. 36 Inch ASTM A234 WPB Welded Tees

    Model No.: DM-Tee-237
    China ASTM A234 WPB Welded Tee Manufacturer: ANSI B16.9 Standard Pipe Tees, Made of ASTM A234 WPB, Size 36 Inch, WT 0.406 inch, 100% X-ray Tested.

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